School Battle 1&2

Outreach on steroids!

A high-energy, fun-filled children’s ministry series, for ages 6-12. Kids will invite friends from their school to come and compete in these two series of each two-week competition with twists, turns and a deeper meaning. Great for your regular service times, but also for outreach events at any time of the year.

  • Take out the chairs and turn your room into an awesome arena!
  • Kids will dress in the colors of their school & compete for their school’s honor
  • Comes with games, teaching elements, and more, in the leader lesson guides
  • Includes high-energy media elements that give the program an extra kick!




2 Series of each 2 lessons


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Reach the kids of your community!


Outreach programs have never been this exciting!
With School Battle, you’ll temporarily replace your regular service with a two-week competition where kids from neighboring schools “battle” in hilarious and awesome competitions.

Your room will turn into an arena. Kids will be dressed in their school’s colors. Leaders will become team mascots. In order to win, kids will invite friends from their school. Together, they’ll experience the experience of a lifetime: School Battle!

Kids compete for their school… at your church!

Instead of regular teaching videos, this series has high-octane, inspiring, challenging School Battle videos, each introducing the next round of the competition.

The teaching itself is live, and it’s broken up into multiple easy-to-teach pieces. They’re short but impactful, and help kids to feel what a life with Christ could be like.

Your goal is for kids to come back to church once School Battle is over. That’s why the teaching “teases” kids to want to know more about “this whole God-thing” :).

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